Why the rush? Let your child conquer achievements of its time

Why the rush? Let your child conquer achievements of its time


In this society that we live seen him who comes on is defeated. And while the desire to excel is positive, you have to channel it properly and not be obsessed. Often we pour into our children rush to learn, to evolve, to conquer their achievements. But we must also leave space to enjoy growth, without pressure or high goals.

Overstimulation may be counterproductive, if we consider that the correct baby’s brain development is not based on special techniques but in a suitable environment and especially a contact with parents to provide the child safety and care.

Therefore, some children learn to speak sooner or later, to walk or crawl sooner or later, it will not depend on the “techniques” that we use to help as simple contact with us and your environment. However, in the case of crawling or walking, for example, must take into account the development of locomotor small.

That is, that however much we “teach” our children to crawl, speak, read … there are certain physiological conditions not be met before a certain stage. It’s like overcoming a flat height: we can make up step to step, or run the risk of falling. Trying to force the natural evolution makes no sense.

The fact is that having “baby Einsteins” or small geniuses seems to be the desire of many parents, sometimes carried by the influence of marketing campaigns seeking financial gain. The mediocre (which word so loaded with negative connotations!), Has no place in our society.

When they get older, we think that if not properly encourage our children and we offer all kinds of after school to improve their potential, your notes will be lower and may not achieve a university career or achieve a “good job”. It is possible that we remove our children moments of leisure and enjoyment, of course, also shape their development as individuals.

I is true that the first years of life are critical for brain development and that somehow the child’s future is determined, but that does not mean that after three or four years the child does not continue learning (in fact, hope which also happen after a few decades!).

What is possible is that a baby without stimuli, without maternal contact, which is unattended, does not believe the neural connections necessary for proper development and this will affect you throughout your life. For it is in these early years when the synapses or connections between nerve cells far exceed those of an adult. But luckily this is not usual.

This means that secure attachment takes a prominent place in the first months and years baby: this commitment confidence, creating a safe and stable relationships with our children, may not help them to walk earlier, but will make your social and emotional development is better.

But even in the field of neuroscience, there are concerns that an environment “extra stimulated” promote brain development and motor or mental abilities of children.

Ultimately, this is a reflection on the rush we have for our children to do everything, but what we leave something on the way? What they really teach with it? Do not want just that in the future, in their personal achievements, in their social relationships, in their studies, at work …?